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South Bayfront Levee and Flood Control Facilities Assessment District
South Bayfront Levee Project Results in Removal of 8,000 Properties from the “High Risk” Flood Zone –2,000 More Than Expected. Assessment District Modification Required. 

The South Bayfront Levee Project resulted in the removal of 8,000 properties from the “high risk” flood zone – 2,000 more than expected – the Public Works team is required to modify the Assessment District and Issue a Re-Ballot to voting property owners. Ballots will arrive mid-April. Because the original assessment was developed to charge less for properties that would remain in the SFHA (or “high risk” flood zone), we need to modify the existing assessment so that property owners who received the same benefits pay equally into the assessment district. The re-balloting will result in a decreased assessment of about 6,000 properties and an increased assessment for the additional 2,000 properties moving “out” of the SFHA.

Please review:
Assessment District Newsletter (11x17 PDF)
Proposed New Map of Assessment District 

What is an Assessment District?
An assessment district is a financing mechanism which spreads the cost of certain improvements to all properties that receive direct and special benefit from the improvements constructed.  Property owners in the designated area have an opportunity to vote on the proposed assessment.

What is this Assessment for?
The Special Facilities Assessment District will provide funding for completion of the South Bayfront Levee Improvement Projects. This will: 

  • Provide a higher level of protection from tidal flooding to properties located within the boundary of the District
  • Eliminate FEMA flood insurance requirements currently imposed on many properties
  • Prevent many additional properties from being designated as a Special Flood Hazard Area by FEMA
  • Protect some of San Mateo's most important facilities from flood-related disasters

Without this assessment there will be no available funding source for completion of these improvements.

What Improvements are Financed by the Assessment?
The improvements are aimed at improving flood protecting in four primary locations:

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