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27.73 TC District - Transportation Corridor S
27.73.010 Purpose.
27.73.020 Permitted use.
27.73.030 Special uses.
27.73.040 Conditions of use.

27.73.010 PURPOSE. The Transportation Corridor (TC) district is established to maintain adequate public transportation corridors to accommodate highway and rail transit at US 101, SR 92, and the rail line. It is intended to protect these corridors from encroaching development which might interfere with the transportation use or create a hazardous condition. (Ord. 1990-18 § 1 (part), 1990).

27.73.020 PERMITTED USES. The following uses are permitted:
(a)  Railroad rights-of-way and improvements,
(b)  Freeway rights-of-way and improvements,
(c)  Public Utilities,
(d)  Public transit stations, such as, but not limited to railroad stations and bus terminals,
(e)  Accessory uses directly related to and necessary for the operations and maintenance of any permitted use,
(f)  Minor and incidental retail and service uses designed exclusively for the use of public transit passengers at an authorized transit station,
(g)  Park and Ride lots established by the State of California Department of Transportation or by an authorized local authority, and
(h)  Accessory parking lots serving transit stations. (Ord. 1990-18 § 1 (part), 1990).

27.73.030 SPECIAL USES.
(a)  Accessory parking lots for abutting commercial uses, when such area is not required for transportation operators. (Ord. 1990-18 § 1 (part), 1990).
(b)  Automobile storage for off-site automobile dealerships, when such area is not required for transportation operators. This does not include sales, maintenance or other automobile related uses. (Ord. 1998-10 § 1, 1998).

(a)  All transportation corridors shall be maintained free of nuisances as defined by the City of San Mateo Municipal Code,
(b)  No uses shall be allowed, as either permitted or special uses, where such uses will impede upon the operation of transportation corridors for transportation purposes. (Ord. 1990-18 § 1 (part), 1990).

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