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27.88 Bay Meadows Specific Plan
27.88.010 Purpose.
27.88.020 Permitted uses.
27.88.030 Special uses.
27.88.040 Conditions of use.
27.88.050 Relationship to other laws.

27.88.010 PURPOSE. The Bay Meadows Specific Plan District (BMSP) is established to assure that the Bay Meadows Race Tract, Practice Track, and Bar Area is developed in a comprehensively planned manner, compatible with adjacent residential neighborhoods and consistent with the City’s quality of life goals. (Ord. 1997-11 § 1, 1997.)

27.88.020 PERMITTED USES. Those uses which are permitted in the Bay Meadows Specific Plan are permitted. (Ord. 1997-11 § 1, 1997.)

27.88.030 SPECIAL USES. Those uses specified as special uses in the Bay Meadows Specific Plan may be permitted subject to approval of a special use permit by the Planning Commission. (Ord. 1997-11 § 1, 1997.)

27.88.040 CONDITIONS OF USE. All uses in the BMSP District are subject to the conditions of use specified in the Bay Meadows Specific Plan, including but not limited to, off-street parking and loading, setbacks, building heights, and floor area ratio requirements. (Ord. 1997-11 § 1, 1997.)

27.88.050 RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER LAWS. The requirements of the San Mateo Zoning Code, including the development standards and condition of use of general application throughout the City, shall govern the development, use, and operation of property within the BMSP District, except as otherwise expressly provided in the Bay Meadows Specific Plan. All terms not otherwise defined in the Bay Meadows Specific Plan shall have the meaning set forth in the San Mateo City Zoning Code. Notwithstanding Section 27.02.040 (or any other provision of the San Mateo City Zoning Code), in the event of a conflict between the terms, conditions, requirements, or policies of the Bay Meadows Specific Plan and the San Mateo City Zoning Code, the Bay Meadows Specific Plan shall govern." (Ord. 1997-11 § 1, 1997.)

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